Do you charge the customer to get an estimate?

No. Here at Southwestern Roofing, all of our salesmen provide free estimates to all customers who request so. An estimate is a quote for a potential project. It is never required for you to complete the project in order for the estimate to be free. Estimates are always free.

**There is, however, a difference between estimates and inspections. An inspection, although similar to an estimate, is an evaluation of a specified area, requested by the customer, with the intent to provide documentation to a third party, like an insurance company, real estate company, etc. 


There is a fee to get an inspection. The cost of an inspection could vary depending on the area specified. If after the inspection is completed, you, the customer, decide to complete any repairs specified on the inspection report promptly, the cost of the inspection will be applied to the projected cost of the repairs specified on the inspection report.


How often should my roof need maintenance?

Roof maintenance should be preformed routinely, generally every three to four years. However, it ultimately depends on a variety of factors: like the condition of your roof, the age of your roof, and weather conditions. These factors can increase or decrease the frequency of roof maintenance that needs to be performed in order to maintain the value of your roof.

How long will my roof last?

One factor that is essential in determining the lifespan of your roof is the quality of the shingles you decide to use. On average, architectural, asphalt shingles can put the lifespan of your roof up to 24 to 30 years, while 3-tab, asphalt shingles could put the lifespan of your roof up to 15 to 18 years. Other factors could affect the lifespan of your roof, like weather condition and if roof maintenance is performed on the roof routinely.

Does anyone need to be present during the project?

If the project is regarding the exterior of the home, no one needs to be present during the job although we do recommend so. If the project is regarding the interior of the home, someone will need to be present in order to give us access into their home.

How long does a roof replacement take to complete?

The time frame to replace the average-sized roof, from start to finish, is typically 2 to 3 days. Although, a variety of factors could affect this time frame, like Houston's "not-always-predictable" weather.

Do you provide a warranty for all roof replacements? If so, in the event I decide to sell my home, is the warranty transferable to the new homeowner?

Yes, and yes. Southwestern Roofing provides a transferable warranty for all roof replacements.

The warranty covers any repair to any leak occurring from the workmanship on the roof and repair to the roof in regards to the original installation. The warranty, however, excludes any interior damages, and does not cover any damages caused by a natural phenomenon or any natural disasters.

How do I choose the right roofing company?

The right roofing company will be experienced and qualified. Some roofing companies may be experienced based on their years of service, however they may not be recognized for quality workmanship.

Southwestern Roofing has been servicing homes in the Greater Houston area for over 38 years. We have an assembled team of skilled home improvements specialists, many of which have been working for the company for over ten years. **For more information, please view the Qualifications page.